Adobe Dreamweaver Review

Adobe Dreamweaver is the software package of choice for thousands of web builders and designers across the globe. Perhaps aimed at a more skilled customer than XsitePro, Dreamweaver does require the user to have an understanding of coding, so is perhaps not ideal for those new to website construction.

The newest version of Adobe Dreamweaver is CS5 Web Premium, and it is available to purchase at a price of around £1512.25. If you are upgrading from an earlier Adobe package you may qualify for a discount, making the purchase price £523.25

Who uses Adobe Dreamweaver CS5?

Dreamweaver CS5 is a popular choice for professional web designers. It is also a well-loved piece of software for those who are fans of other Adobe packages, such as Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator. Dreamweaver CS5 makes the preparation of editing graphics for your website a simple and streamlined process.

Web professionals are reaping the benefits offered by Adobe Dreamweaver, and many of the features offered in this upgraded package make working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript much faster than earlier versions. There is a related files bar, which allows the user to quickly jump to and edit JavaScript and CSS files used by a specific webpage.

Viewing the effects of changes made in real time is now simple with Dreamweaver CS5. The built in “WebKit” allows the user to view their pages in a browser and pause their JavaScript programme in order to analyse the HTML code and edit the CSS is required.

Can beginners use Dreamweaver CS5?

Dreamweaver CS5 is by no means as simple to use for beginners as XsitePro. However, Adobe have recognised this and created some useful features which help the new web designer to create a professional looking website. This means users who are not completely comfortable with using JavaScript, HTML or CSS will still be able to use the software.
There is a built in “Property Inspector”, which makes it hard to create incorrect CSS. Pop up help windows are also available offering tips and assistance and fully interactive web pages can be created using a basic HTML table.

InContext Editing

As more businesses are opting to sell or advertise on the web, web designers are increasingly burdened with requests for small changes to be made. Adobe have recognised this and have created InContext Editing, which allows the client to access their website on line and make simple changes to copy or images. This frees up the time of the designer and the client can make the changes as required as soon as they are needed.

System Requirements for Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Operating System Required:

Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later
Microsoft Windows Vista Business SP1
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise SP1
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

Min Processor Type:

Min Processor Type 1 GHz or faster (Windows)
Intel Multicore – 1 GHz
PowerPC G5 (Mac)

Peripheral / Interface Devices Required:

Internet connection
1280 x 800 monitor resolution

System Requirements Details:
Microsoft Windows Vista / XP – RAM 512 MB – HD 1 GB


Plus Points

***** Dreamweaver CS5 integrates beautifully with other Adobe applications allowing for quick and easy design and editing

**** The new, customisable workspace can be tailored to suit the individual, is a massive improvement on the previous version

Negative Points

** The price – The price of this software is unappealing to many, but in particular those who are new to web designing.

** The coding – still complex and although easily understood by the experts, new comers to the world of web design may flounder, despite the built in CSS/HTML tools and help sections.

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