How Good Is Your Website

Creating a website in the present times is of no big hassle; anyone can do it if he/she has the necessary expertise. So we can see on visiting the internet that there are indeed millions of websites. Yet the ones who are constant visitors have their favorite sites which they choose every time over all else. This shows that some sites are better and more useful than the others dealing with the same information and also, there are a few good reasons behind it.

The basic requisites of a website are content, appearance, templates, tags, titles, links and navigation. How good the website is will be determined by how well each of these elements is created. Think of a website with very appealing appearance but having unfinished, wrong or, inadequate content. There will be a steady and well deserved decline in visitors to the site. Think again of a site that contains a perfect content but has an unbelievably lame presentation; like black screen with grey writing, or, bright yellow screen with white writing, or, a screen full of advertisements and no content. This too will be fatal for the site. Same can be said for broken links. It will not only dampen the impression of the site on the visitor, it will also affect its ranking.

With these points in mind, one can easily ascertain how good one’s website is. It is usually the job of the main website designer to check the layout, content and performance before and after the web pages are uploaded. The number of visitors to the site will ascertain how well it is doing. Also if the site appears among the first few, then one can be assured of its success. Clear, comprehensive and clutter free are the key words for a successful site. If you are still wondering how good your site is; it is time to begin evaluating on the basis of the mentioned points.

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