Who Can Make It to the Webby Awards

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences presents an award annually for excellence in internet. The categories for the award are website creation, interactive advertising, online video/films and mobile. Two winners are selected in each category, one by the members of the Academy and, the other by public choice and voting during Webby’s Peoples Voice Voting. When the award was launched in 1996 it was sponsored by the Web Magazine published by IDG. Even though the Web Magazine closed in 1998, the awards continued.

During the Call for entries procession, many thousands of entries in each of the categories are made, and each of them are first rated and reviewed by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science. The ones who make it through the first round are further evaluated by the executive members of the Academy. This done, ballots are cast to determine the Webby Honorees, nominees and winners. Although the award is awaited by almost all web designers in the world, it has been criticized about the pay-for-entry and pay-for-award ceremony, which means that both the nominees and the winners will have to pay to gain entry to the award function. Some have also named it a scam.

Whatever be the response to the award, it is certainly an inspiration to the budding web designers and the ones who are already in the business. E-bay, Yahoo, Google, Face book, Wikipedia, etc have been past winners of the Webby. In the 2009 Award ceremony of the Webby, there were around ten thousand entries form all fifty states and over sixty countries in the world! For the People’s Voice Award, more than five hundred thousand votes were cast. This in itself shows the increasing popularity of the award and willingness of the ones involved in web designing to go beyond their set limits and create something exceptional.

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