XsitePro 2.5 Review

XsitePro 2.5 is quite simply one of the best pieces of website design software out there. It’s global popularity is immense, with users covering the entire spectrum, from web design novices to hardened professionals. And the good news is the guys at XsitePro have been developing an upgrade to follow on from the success of XsitePro 2 (Xsitepro 2.5).

XsitePro 2.5 is the long awaited, upgraded version of XsitePro’s leading web building software. If you are looking to build your own website and want to create a bespoke, attractive and powerful site then this WILL be the software for you.

XsitePro version 2.5 has just launched and included the following updates over the previous version:

  • Around 300 new template designs
  • A huge library of new clip-art designs to add interest to your site
  • New menus and navigation options
  • New search box designs
  • New form wizard designs
  • A wide choice of new Quick Pages designs
  • An easily customisable header bar
  • Easy social networking integration with sites like Facebook and twitter
  • Keyword replacer tool
  • An easy to use RSS feed wizard (PHP enabled)
  • Powerful Click Bank widget
  • Integrated web hosting and domain name search

New Features

• Facebook Like Button
• Twitter Share Button
• Keyword Replacer
• Quick Content
• Quick Pages – Product Review
• RSS Wizard – Using PHP Insertion Method
• eNom – Hosting – Domain
• Clickbank Product Link
• Clickbank Hop-ads
• Slogan Token for Templates
• Tag Clouds/Lists


• Templates
• Forms Wizard – Graphical Style
• Site Search – Graphical Style
• Menus
• Design Wizard – Advanced Text Boxes
• Quick Pages (New versions in all existing categories)

Changes between 2.15 and 2.50

  • You can now choose whether custom scripts replace or are included in addition to global scripts.
  • Code added to help prevent infinite loops when using the {%RANDOMTEXT%} token.
  • Multi-level siloing no longer causes \ instead of / in the google sitemap paths.
  • When External Links appear in bulleted subpage lists they can now be styled in the same way as normal pages.
  • The Forms Wizard has been updated to use the new form parameters required by GetResponse.
  • The Forms Wizard has also had some anti-spam features added to prevent the automated submission by bots.
  • The link editor in the designer has been changed to add “http://” to the url box when you select “http” from the type dropdown. – Previously it was only adding “http:”
  • The font drop down in the style tabs of the designer property windows have been updated to include the full list available in the main designer window.
  • Transparent backgrounds are shown with a pale checkered background in the Designer windows.
  • When overwriting an existing template, the screen shots are now created correctly.
  • The Main Panel Header and Footer height is no longer being incorrectly reported as zero in the Page Layout tab.
  • The preview appears correctly for advanced text boxes.
  • The RSS feed wizard now allows the links to open in a new window.
  • You can now continue to use XSitePro when you have the notes window open.
  • The embed code created by the Video Wizard when just inserting a .swf file without conversion is now closing the html tag correctly.
  • The Forms Wizard can now be aligned on the page using the normal alignment controls in the designer.
  • Custom onload events, rollover images and pop-ups can now be used on the same page without conflicting.
  • The links page description is now used for the sitemap as well as the meta data for the links page.
  • The header background image is now appearing correctly in the designer.
  • An issue with multiple banner rotators on the same page has been resolved.
  • You can now insert widgets into the page without forcing a paragraph break.
  • The Google Sitemap entry is now correctly added to the robots.txt file.
  • The links manager now correctly handles character casing when grabbing the screenshot.  It also handles pages where the keywords and description tags are unquoted.
  • When creating a site from a template, any pages in that template automatically pick up on the new sites keywords.
  • The close button for Lightbox images is now visible on siloed pages.
  • Repeatedly clicking the color changer in the designer no longer generates a debug message.
  • The horizontal alignment of Search Forms now works in all browsers.
  • Furl and Sparking have been removed from the Social Bookmarking module because they are no longer available.


Download XsitePro 2.5


For more information on XsitePro please check out our review.

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