XsitePro 2 Review

Anyone thinking of building their own website should consider XsitePro 2. This amazing web development software, launched in 2004, is one of the best packages available, and it suitable for all types of user, from the novice to the professional web designer.

The beauty of XsitePro is its simplicity. It is straightforward and easy to use, with no experience of complicated coding required. At the same time it is an incredibly powerful piece of software, packed full of features that allow the user to create and maintain a professional looking website every time.

Who uses XsitePro?

XsitePro really is used by all types of web builder and developer for a variety of purposes and you really can create any type of website you can think of.

Websites commonly build using Xsite pro tend to include:

  • Corporate Websites with thousands of pages.
  • Sites earning revenue from AdSense advertising.
  • Sites creates with the intention of earning revenue from affiliates.
  • Content rich niche sites.

Why choose XsitePro?

XsitePro has an army of satisfied customers, who give it glowing reports and reviews.

Features of XsitePro which are impressing customers the most include:

Flexibility to create as many websites as you like.
With XsitePro you are not limited to just one website. In fact the built in project management feature allows you to manage your ongoing and existing projects from one area. This is not only a benefit to the small home user, but also wed designers who are likely to be working on a number of projects simultaneously.

Ease of use
The key to XsitePro’s success back in 2004 was its ease of use. It was revolutionary because it required no coding and could be used even by the very inexperienced. XsitePro Version 2 is packed full of powerful new features which are just as easy to use as the launch version.

Get the design you want
With XsitePro you have a choice when designing your website. You can design it from scratch, so it is totally bespoke, or you can chose from one of XsitePro’s design templates (and there are literally thousands!)

Freedom to change the design in the click of a mouse
If you make a mistake in your design choice and feel your website does not have the right look for your audience then with 3 clicks of the mouse you can apply a new design template and change the entire site.

Add audio and video quickly and easily
Adding audio or video (or both) to your website makes it a more interesting experience for the viewer. With other web design software adding such technology is complex and reserved for the experts. With XsitePro however you can add audio and video in 3 simple steps. It could not be easier!

Add news live feeds in seconds to keep your site “up-to-date” and relevant
Live news feeds can be added to your site in seconds, or each time someone visits your site. The feeds blend in with your site and look as though you have posted them. This can be done in seconds with XsitePro.

Mobile website creation included in the package
As mobile web browsing becomes more popular you need to be sure that your content cannot only be viewed on a computer but also on a mobile phone or other mobile application. Your XsitePro package includes powerful software which can create a second copy of your website which is then converted so it can be viewed on a mobile phone. With any other software, this technology is incredibly expensive.

Boost your search engine rankings
Authority sites dominate search engine rankings, and with XsitePro you are provided with a resource section, which you can populate to boost your ranking. XsitePro uses techniques which are approved by Google, so you will never get banned from the search engines. Keep adding content and you will keep climbing the rankings.

Create easy links to other websites
Another way to add content to your site and boots its power is to link with other websites. By doing some research on similar sites and adding feed links you can let the power of the software do the hard work for you.

A built in SEO Tool
Search Engine Optimisation is vital if you want to appear near the top of search engine rankings. XsitePro has a built in SEO tool which allows you to easily ensure that each page is carefully optimised, thanks to the powerful Analysis Tab.

Add Google AdSense to your site in seconds
XsitePro has a built in Google AdSense wizard, which allows you to insert AdSense into your websites in a few simple clicks, without having to request codes from Google.

Amazon Advertising
Web builders are finding that advertising with Amazon is highly profitable. XsitePro enables you to do this in three ways:

By Product Linking

The product link can make money for you even if you are simply reviewing a book, DVD or product.

Self Optimising Adverts

This tool scans your website and decides on the relevant content. It then scans Amazons catalogue of products and automatically advertised related products right by your content. For example if your content is about animals then the Amazon ads will be about animals.

Recommended products

This allows you to recommend top products which are related to the subject matter on that particular web page. This generates income because there is a close relation between content and the advertisement leading to a higher conversion rate.

Easy Mailing List Builder
XsitePro allows you to build up a comprehensive mailing list which can be captured in one of the leading mail management tools such as GetResponse or the emails can be directed straight through to your email account.

Content Analysis
Your website is likely to have more success if it is easy to read. XsitePro can analyse the words on all your web pages to determine how easy they are for the viewer to read and understand. No other web-building tool has this function, and it is operated at the click of a mouse.

Grow your site in at an appropriate time scale
Google in particular does not like sites which go from 1 page to 1000 pages over night. It prefers to rank sites that grow consistently with age. XsitePro has a clever function that allows you to upload content to your site and then schedule when it is to be published. This means you can schedule content to be uploaded whilst you are on holiday or taking a break from work.

Schedule Promotions
With the scheduling tool you can have features that appear in line with your promotions, for example a weekend sales feature would run and weekends and then disappear for the rest of the week.

The list of features offered by XsitePro is extensive, and by choosing this software you will have all the tools you need to build a powerful and profitable website.

Remember, you do not have to be an expert to use XsitePro. By taking the time to go through the tutorial provided when you purchase this software you will soon be ready to confidently create your own website.

Expert web builders should bear in mind that just because XsitePro is simple to use it is also incredibly powerful. Some of the tools listed above can be found in other software packages, but are time consuming and laborious. With XsitePro you can create professional websites at the click of a mouse.

If you are looking to create a stylish and professional website, one which is capable of engaging an audience and making you money then XsitePro really is the software for you.

The standard cost of XsitePro is $297. However, it can currently be purchased with a $100 discount, so the price is an incredible $197. The software is supplied for a limited time only, with $150 worth of bonus software which includes extra templates and clipart.

Purchasing XsitePro 2

If you decide that XsitePro is the software for you then buying it is straightforward and relatively low cost. XsitePro is bought for a one off purchase fee, with NO monthly subscriptions. Visit the website by Clicking Here.

This is backed by a 30-day guarantee period, so you can make sure XsitePro is the right software for you.

Paying for XsitePro 2

You can pay for XsitePro using a credit card or PayPal. You can pay online or over the phone.

XsitePro V2 is delivered to you as a download link within 5 minutes of making your purchase, so you can get on with building your website straight away.

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